Hikes and other events for the current season


In case of bad weather or dangerous conditions, hikes may be canceled; if in doubt contact the leader.

A printable version of the current hike schedule, separate from the full Canister, can be downloaded here.


The 3500 Club will be resuming our guided hikes. All hikes are subject to be cancelled or restricted and are limited to twelve (12) hikers total. This will include CDC guidelines in order to protect ourselves and others from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our leaders are to follow and enforce the following precautions below and CDC guidelines. Review all CDC guidelines and latest information: Please discuss any questions with the leader prior to the hike.

The Club will continue to monitor the guidelines and will be updating current policy as needed.

Do not attend a guided hike if:
  • In the last 14 days, you or someone in your household received a Positive COVID-19 diagnosis and/or you have been in close contact with a person with a positive diagnosis with COVID- 19 (close contact means within 6 feet for more than 10 minutes).
  • In the last 14 days up to and including the day of the scheduled hike, you have experienced any of the following: A temperature of 100°F (37.7°C) or above; cough, chills, repeated shaking with chills; diarrhea; shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.
  • In the last 14 days, a healthcare provider or public official has recommended or required you to quarantine for any reason related to COVID-19.
  • You have not reviewed CDC guidelines.

Assumed Risk

Hiking involves certain inherent risks and participants do so at their own risk. Please ask the hike leader for a complete list of required gear for the trip. Anyone not properly equipped may be refused permission to participate, at the leader’s absolute discretion.