Information about the Club's stewardship activities and policies

3500 Club Stewardship & Conservation

The 3500 Club is committed to preserving the mountains of the Catskill region, both trailed and trail-less, now and for generations to come and we feel that proper stewardship is one of the key missions of our organization.

Our most recent statement on the Condition and Future of the Trailless Peaks is here

We encourage members and non-members to join us in following rules, guidelines and recommendations to help keep these mountains in as natural a state as possible.

  • Keep group sizes within legal limits. The 3500 Club allows a maximum of 12 participants on its sponsored hikes and recommends this for all.
  • Whenever a herd path is present from the approach you are taking to a summit, the Club encourages you to use the most-evident herd path at all times.
  • No fires above 3500' or in any Boreal Type Zone (detailed more in our statement linked above).
  • No camping (except in winter) above 3500', within 150' of a trail, road or water source.
  • No cutting, cairn building, blazing, trail building or otherwise marking paths.
  • Respect private property.
  • Pack it in? Pack it out! Don’t litter, and don’t leave flagging or anything else in the woods.
  • Take only pictures. Don’t dig, cut, or harvest anything in the forest. Leave it there for others to enjoy.
  • Step well off the trail and bury human waste.
GPS Recommendation

The 3500 Club feels that there should be no public posting of specific GPS data for any off-trail location on NYS Forest or on Private property. This specifically includes track log data.

The Committee also realizes that many hikers use GPS data in a responsible and judicious manner. Posting locations of trailheads, water sources, trail junctions and other features along marked trails or roads are all examples of GPS use and information sharing that would be acceptable and potentially helpful to other hikers. But it is not the duty of the club to post these details.

For any questions on 3500 Club stewardship initiatives, please reach out to Jim Bouton or Maria Bedo-Calhoun.